A Checklist of Top Cycling Routes Singapore

cycling routes

Modern folks are more particular about their health than ever. From dieting to exercising, people pay close attention to each of these aspects. Cycling is one such activity that can help you accomplish your goals. Also, it lets you take part in competitions and make a remunerative life. However, finding top cycling routes Singapore can get challenging. Your experience and daily schedule may dictate the choice of the route.


Best cycling routes in Singapore


Cycling in this lovely nation has been picking up in the past few years. The number of cyclists is increasing day by day. In addition to reaching your goals, cycling lets you explore the fantastic regions of Singapore. The best part is you can ride your way to every cycling route except a few ones. Here are the top cycling routes in Singapore.

Round Island Loop


As far as your achievements in cycling go, riding alongside the Round Island Loop stands as a better bet. The route is legit and has a great number of cyclists every hour. There are several routes to this Loop, but the minimum distance happens to be 120 km. While you ride through the Loop, you cover a mix of roads, gravel, and park connectors. If you’ve some experience in cycling, you may swift through this appealing route. However, the region isn’t recommended for those just getting started with bicycles.


Mandai Loop


If you wish to become an experienced cyclist covering uneven terrain, consider exploring the Mandai Loop. The best thing about the route is it’s small. So, you don’t have to travel a lot to complete your ride. Also, you can cover the distance in less time. However, the route has multiple climbing spots. So, only intermediate and advanced cyclists may find this region appealing.


Mount Faber Loop


Some folks are new to cycling. They just intend to lose weight and explore the beautiful landscape. If you’re one such fanatic, consider the Mount Faber Loop. The route is short but tough. The elevation of the slopes makes it challenging and ideal for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. Yet, the shorter distance and low-risk factor make it a favored choice for beginners.


Concluding words


Cycling can be fun and entertaining provided you explore natural landscapes with some challenges. So, check these top cycling routes Singapore as per your experience level. Over time, you’ll be able to accomplish your desires riding your way all through these routes.

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