Remote interpreting services from Stamford translation

Stamford translation, language and communication, offers remote interpreting services for conferences and other events in different languages 


In a large number of Asian and other countries, most citizens are not multilingual, they are not proficient in foreign languages. However for business and other reasons, citizens may have to deal with people from other countries. Though there are many online translation tools and software, it is not usually very accurate , there is always a possibility of a mistake leading to misunderstandings and financial losses. Hence for important deals and discussions, most businesses and other organizations prefer to use the services of a competent interpreter who is proficient in both the languages and will not make any mistake.


Remote services

A decade ago, most people would meet personally for important discussions or meetings. However with advances in technology it is possible to save both time and money, using video conferencing and similar tools to interact with people from different organizations or countries. However, if the people meeting virtually do not speak the same language, it is difficult to communicate. Hence Stamford translation is offering remote interpreting services for all kinds of organizations, so that they communicate clearly with their business associates or others without any kind of misunderstanding. 



Our experienced and well trained interpreters are proficient in all the major languages in Asia, Europe and elsewhere. Some of the languages for which we provide translation and interpretation services are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese. We realize that accuracy is very important for remote interpretation, so we have well trained and highly rated interpreters providing the services. Organizations should specify the languages they require interpretation for , so that we can make suitable arrangements



Unlike conventional interpretation when the interpreter and the people communicating are in the same room, for remote interpreting it is also important that the interpreter is well trained in the tools and software which are being used. We ensure that our staff is familiar will the tools and equipment required for

Apple MacBook and macOS Basics Guide

Whether you’re looking to buy a brand new Apple desktop or laptop, or you want to understand how to use your current macOS computer, it’s important to know the basics when it comes to operations, maintenance, and software. This is so you get the most out of your machine in terms of productivity and enjoyment, depending on if you’re using it for personal or work reasons.


macOS Repair and Maintenance


There are various aspects to look at when it comes to the hardware of your device. While these computers are well-built and will last a long time, like any kind of electronics, they are prone to errors and malfunctions over time. Keep in mind that you should try to adhere to what the company specifies as much as possible. This especially includes using Apple-certified cables, peripherals, and other connected hardware.


These days, it can be difficult to repair these computers without proper experience and equipment. They use specialized tools and require knowledge of the internals. While it’s still possible, it’s not recommended that you do any of these yourself and trust the work of a professional. When looking at a repair service, such as Apple MacBook repair Singapore, it’s important to go with a reputable dealer that you can trust.


macOS Software Availability


While not every single bit of software is available on the platform, it still has just about everything you need to get up and running with your public and private dealings, whether that’s with your family or with your co-workers. You can find the essential programs, such as Microsoft Office 365 software, the Adobe Creative Suite software, and many others. Even if it’s not available, you can probably find a replacement.


Some fields don’t work as well on macOS as they do on Windows. This includes most kinds of engineering, 3D model designing, and video game production. While not impossible, there is much more software availability and support in these areas of computing tasks. Also, your colleagues will likely be using Windows and will want to maintain compatibility. Keep in

Important tips on how to write a good resume

The world is full of job opportunities, but you can’t find one if you don’t take the first step – you write your CV anyway. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. It is very important to know how to write a resume because your resume will look like a sample of your potential employers. resumes are the first line of defense for job seekers. Here are some tips on writing a resume



When writing your CV, be sure to include important information about yourself such as your name, age, status, address, education, etc. It should indicate the university or college you have graduated from and the field of study you have completed. This way, potential employers will quickly find out if you have everything you need to work in your company. Always remember to include your photo (2×2 photo can work) so the potential owner knows what you are looking for. It is known that there are works that attach great importance to appearance, so include your photo on your CV, try to be your best.


Include executive summary


Including a summary can help the reviewer get an idea of the content of your resume. The summary should be an executive summary that indicates what they can expect of you, not just what you expect of them. It must be well demarcated, clear, short, and sharp. It’s best to use bullets or some numbering in a summary, or if you want to write it as a paragraph, keep it short and direct. If you want to present yourself as an active and smart candidate, try using business terms. You will be presented as a qualified candidate to achieve the objectives of the company. Emphasize your achievements and strengths and much faster. Be brief because employers don’t have time to unearth resumed skills.


Unleash your strengths


Whether you think you’re the best or just looking for a casual job, you don’t want your CV to look very attractive, but you don’t want it to look too flimsy. None The secret to writing

Guideline for Buying Engagement Rings for your loved one

Engagement is the most beautiful feeling you will ever feel and we wish this occasion to be a very memorable and enjoyable one, which can be accomplished by presenting an attractive and attractive engagement ring to the person with whom you are going to be involved, and after a while, both will meet engagement rings are also considered a wedding promise.

There are many different engagement rings available in the market, but you must first do two things by doing your homework to learn about the quality and types of diamond rings, and second, do an extensive search on the internet where there are various jewelry companies. have registered their sites. You can also choose three stone diamond engagement rings, which are known to give your ring an aesthetic look.

When buying a ring, you should keep in mind that a precious stone embedded in the metal alone is not enough, as you must understand the diamond so that whenever retailers try to cheat, you can distinguish between fake diamond engagement rings. and genuine. But you can tell the difference when you have enough information about a diamond and its quality, so learn enough before buying a ring for your loved one.

In addition to quality, budget-friendly type of engagement rings, ring buyer needs to consider ring size and preferences, and you can deal with these kinds of issues effectively by calling him to accompany you or to buy the engagement ring herself. It is true that the idea of ​​wearing it is the best, but it is only possible if you are constant in touching the future bride soon and also know that her secret is not a problem.

If you know her and want to surprise her by presenting her a special diamond engagement ring that exactly matches her tastes, then you can take a look at what she wears because this way you can also discover something about her lifestyle, similarities, dislike. preferences and choices.

Money is very important when buying a ring, so when shopping, consider your budget as much as you can afford for your

Cone Flower Bouquets From Floristique

While everyone likes receiving flower bouquets, keeping them on display can be a problem, especially if the person is receiving a large number of bouquets from people. Hence increasingly people are preferring to give cone flower bouquets as a gift since they can be conveniently displayed on the wall or display. While the flowers in the cone bouquet may be similar to the standard bouquet, the main difference is in the way the flowers are arranged. A cone of paper or similar material is used and the flowers are arranged in the cone, usually tied with a satin ribbon. This makes it easy to carry the flowers, without damaging them.


Floristique is one of the most popular florists in Singapore offering a wide range of flower bouquets, bags, boxes, and baskets including cone bouquets and jumbo bouquets with more flowers. For the convenience of the online shoppers, Floristique has specially designed cone bouquets for specific occasions which include appropriate flowers and foliage. The artistic bouquets are designed by their experienced in-house florist Wendy Han, who has many years of experience in making flower arrangements for different occasions. Wendy takes care to ensure that all bouquets are of the highest quality, inspecting the flowers and the bouquet.


The cone bouquets are usually given for various occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, to congratulate a person, offer condolences or cheer up a person who is hospitalized. Additionally, the sender can also search for cone bouquets based on the flowers which he wishes to send. Some of the most popular flowers among the bouquet senders are baby’s breath, call lily, carnation, hydrangea, lilies, peony, roses, and ranunculus. The sender can also specify the flowers he wishes to include in the bouquet for a custom made bouquet, though there may be an additional charge for this service.


The user can also increase the amount of flowers that are included in the bouquet. The default size of the flower bouquet shown at the Floristique website is a small size, and it is priced at $49.90. If the number of flowers has to be doubled,


Rocks Urban Grill + Bar marks a return of the creative union of Emmanuel Stroobant with business partner Roxan Villareal co-owner of the former San Marco. This latest addition to the Emmanuel Stroobant Group of restaurants is uniquely exciting in the concept and style, offering a dining experience tailor-made to guests expectations.

Rocks with its self-assured ambience is perched on the second floor of The Sail and has full length glass wall that provides stunning views of Marina Bay and the newly built Sands Resort. The interior is a blend of understated simplicity, punctuated by industrial touches and a signature wall befitting its name.

Excellence in quality of ingredients resonates in Rocks’ bill of fare which is evident in its selection of meat, fish and poultry on offer. Side dishes and sauces featured are prepared for flawless accompaniment and the entire meal oozes with unforgettable wholesome goodness smacking of Chef Stroobant’s mastery in taste.

Diners can have their meals casually at the bar or in the dining are which merge seamlessly into one another. For more intimate events there is a choice of three private dining rooms to accommodate larger parties. All in all, Rocks delivers a space and attitude that can be formal or informal as our guests desire.

We know you’ll like it!…

Pico laser is the latest technology for removing pigmentation

What is the safest and most effective way to remove pigmentation, acne scars and wrinkles in Singapore?

According to most skin experts and dermatologists, one of the most effective ways to remove pigmentation and discoloration from the skin is by using the latest technologies for laser treatment of skin, is the picolaser. The name is derived from the term picosecond, which is on trillionth of a second. This refers to the duration of the laser pulse, which is far less than most other lasers which are used for skin treatment. This pico laser review singapore provides more information on this new laser skin treatment technology, like the skin conditions it can be used for, treatment duration and other information.

Skin conditions 

The pico laser is used for treating a wide variety of skin conditions which adversely affect the appearance of a person like

– pigmentation due to exposure to the sun and other factors

– Age spots

– Dark spots

– Sunspots

– hormonal imbalances

– injury scars 

– acne scars

– wrinkles

– removal of unwanted tattoos

How pico laser removes pigments

Since the duration of the picolaser pulse is very less compared to other lasers, the effect on the skin is photo mechanical instead of photo thermal. Pigmentation, scars are because the concentration of the melanin pigment in a particular area of the skin is higher. For tattoos the pigment is more in some areas. The pressure caused by the picolaser pulse will break the pigment molecules into smaller particles, which the body will automatically get rid of using the immune system. Since the picolaser pulse is of much shorter duration, it will deliver more energy, and shatter the pigment into smaller elements more easily.

Treatment information 

The time taken for picolaser treatment will vary depending on the facial area which has to be treated. First the doctor who is handling the treatment will apply a cream to make the area being treated numb. This will reduce the discomfort which the patient may experience when the skin is being treated. This cream will be applied twenty minutes before …