Cone Flower Bouquets From Floristique

Flower cone

While everyone likes receiving flower bouquets, keeping them on display can be a problem, especially if the person is receiving a large number of bouquets from people. Hence increasingly people are preferring to give cone flower bouquets as a gift since they can be conveniently displayed on the wall or display. While the flowers in the cone bouquet may be similar to the standard bouquet, the main difference is in the way the flowers are arranged. A cone of paper or similar material is used and the flowers are arranged in the cone, usually tied with a satin ribbon. This makes it easy to carry the flowers, without damaging them.


Floristique is one of the most popular florists in Singapore offering a wide range of flower bouquets, bags, boxes, and baskets including cone bouquets and jumbo bouquets with more flowers. For the convenience of the online shoppers, Floristique has specially designed cone bouquets for specific occasions which include appropriate flowers and foliage. The artistic bouquets are designed by their experienced in-house florist Wendy Han, who has many years of experience in making flower arrangements for different occasions. Wendy takes care to ensure that all bouquets are of the highest quality, inspecting the flowers and the bouquet.


The cone bouquets are usually given for various occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, to congratulate a person, offer condolences or cheer up a person who is hospitalized. Additionally, the sender can also search for cone bouquets based on the flowers which he wishes to send. Some of the most popular flowers among the bouquet senders are baby’s breath, call lily, carnation, hydrangea, lilies, peony, roses, and ranunculus. The sender can also specify the flowers he wishes to include in the bouquet for a custom made bouquet, though there may be an additional charge for this service.


The user can also increase the amount of flowers that are included in the bouquet. The default size of the flower bouquet shown at the Floristique website is a small size, and it is priced at $49.90. If the number of flowers has to be doubled, an additional amount of $24.95 has to be paid, and for tripling the amount of the flowers, the additional cost of flowers is $49.90. Increasing the number of flowers will not always double or triple the cone bouquet size. Fillers and foliage will also be increased proportionately so that the bouquet is aesthetically pleasing. The ribbon color and cone packaging color can also be customized.


Typically the standard size of the cone bouquet is at least 15 cm wide and 25 cm long, though the exact size will vary depending on the specific bouquet selected. There are a number of optional add-ons available for the cone bouquet. For keeping the flowers, a bouquet bag or vase can be ordered. Fairy lights for decor are also available. Chocolates are often sent with flowers, and the bouquet sender can choose between popular chocolates like Snickers, KitKat chunky, Toblerone, and a set with thirty Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Alternately fruits, gourmet, chocolate or wellness gift hampers can be delivered to the recipient along with the flowers.

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