Factors to Consider When Buying Flowers in Singapore

flower bunch

Roses, daisies, lilies, whichever type of flower you love; flowers truly make the world go round. Long gone are the days when most would purchase flowers from anywhere or simply for their freshness. Over the years, florists have mastered the art of arranging, packaging and ensuring your flowers reach you in the perfect condition. Additionally, the art has become exceptionally diverse, giving more meaning to the flowers you wish to buy.

Yes, meaning. Did you know that florists can organize different types of flowers to symbolize what you want them to? Therefore the next time you plan on getting someone a flower, let your florist know precisely what they are meant for. It is worth reminding you to think about the following crucial factors when shopping for flowers. They include:

.   Packaging

Most passionate florists always find the most inviting ways to package flowers. For example:

  •   Bouquets

This is perhaps the most popular mode of packaging flowers. Whether you prefer to go with the conventional bouquet of roses or want to blend several types of flowers, bouquets certainly never go out of style. Florists continue to become innovative by coming up with brilliant ways to present flowers. You may have noticed the cardboard trend, where flowers are delivered in beautifully and perfectly structured cardboards to give an attractive finish.

  •   Flower stands

You read that right. Your florist can deliver fresh and artificial flowers ready to use. This must be a relief for event planners and those who enjoy the convenience of having flowers arranged perfectly by florists. Nevertheless, flower stands are more than displays; they have been used to add meaning to flowers with their colors and conspicuous messages. Need centerpieces at your wedding? Let the florists take care of those thoughtful and gorgeous arrangements.

  •   Bag packaging

Bags for flowers may sound queer, but flowers can actually look incredible in a bag. The bag packaging is inspired by convenience and makes flowers lighter to carry. Flower bags like cardboard can be unique depending on where you’re buying them from. Additionally, they can be used as temporary vases, ensuring the flowers stay vibrant and fresh for longer. Bagged flowers are great for office deliveries and flower girls who may want to place their flowers somewhere from time to time. That way, you do not have to leave your flowers lying around anywhere.

.   Affordability

Beautiful flowers do not always have to be outrageously expensive. Furthermore, Mother Nature gives them to us for free. Several factors determine the price of flowers, including the care and efforts to plant them, their scarcity, and how long they take to grow. However, this does not mean that you have to dig too deep into your pockets to get what you want as it is possible to find a reasonably priced florist in Singapore. Preference and demand add to the value of flowers and can compromise by giving you a blend of your favorite with other less inexpensive varieties. Also, always look out for offers.

A closeup of a bouquet of spring flowers with a gift card.

.  Delivery

Thanks to technology, it is now very easy to order flowers from the comfort of wherever you are. Most florists have a free delivery service for their customers. Thus, you do not have to pay more. Other companies, however, charge a small fee for delivery, which is pretty much worth it. After all, it is the price you pay for convenience.

.  Customer Care

Customer care significantly impacts how the flowers will end up in your hands. A terrible customer care desk is most likely to take away from the thrill and perception you give the flowers and could end up either ways-distasteful or fantastic. How the florist receives and serves you, whether online or physically, is detrimental to how much you enjoy the final package.

The next time you buy flowers, keep in mind that the thought counts before the price. Therefore, do not shy from treating yourself or a loved one to a lovely fresh bouquet.

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