Pico laser is the latest technology for removing pigmentation

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What is the safest and most effective way to remove pigmentation, acne scars and wrinkles in Singapore?

According to most skin experts and dermatologists, one of the most effective ways to remove pigmentation and discoloration from the skin is by using the latest technologies for laser treatment of skin, is the picolaser. The name is derived from the term picosecond, which is on trillionth of a second. This refers to the duration of the laser pulse, which is far less than most other lasers which are used for skin treatment. This pico laser review singapore provides more information on this new laser skin treatment technology, like the skin conditions it can be used for, treatment duration and other information.

Skin conditions 

The pico laser is used for treating a wide variety of skin conditions which adversely affect the appearance of a person like

– pigmentation due to exposure to the sun and other factors

– Age spots

– Dark spots

– Sunspots

– hormonal imbalances

– injury scars 

– acne scars

– wrinkles

– removal of unwanted tattoos

How pico laser removes pigments

Since the duration of the picolaser pulse is very less compared to other lasers, the effect on the skin is photo mechanical instead of photo thermal. Pigmentation, scars are because the concentration of the melanin pigment in a particular area of the skin is higher. For tattoos the pigment is more in some areas. The pressure caused by the picolaser pulse will break the pigment molecules into smaller particles, which the body will automatically get rid of using the immune system. Since the picolaser pulse is of much shorter duration, it will deliver more energy, and shatter the pigment into smaller elements more easily.

Treatment information 

The time taken for picolaser treatment will vary depending on the facial area which has to be treated. First the doctor who is handling the treatment will apply a cream to make the area being treated numb. This will reduce the discomfort which the patient may experience when the skin is being treated. This cream will be applied twenty minutes before the picolaser treatment starts. Typically for most patients the time taken for picolaser treatment is thirty to sixty minutes. In some cases, where the pigmentation or tattoo is larger, the doctor may prescribe more than one session for removing the pigment. The patient can resume his or her normal life almost immediately after the treatment is completed. However, the patient should avoid exposure to direct sunlight for some time.


Since the duration of the laser pulse is very less, the thermal effect on the skin is reduced. So compared to other lasers, the thermal damage to the skin will also reduce. It is considered safer than other laser treatments. While the pigment and outer skin layer is removed, this treatment method will promote the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin look younger, clear and improving its texture. It is a very effective way of treating a wide variety of skin pigmentation related conditions like age spots and sunspots. Many people who want their tattoo removed quickly will find this method convenient. 

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