Places To Get Chinese Tuition In Singapore


Whether you’re looking to learn Chinese or not, learning a foreign language is something every Singaporean should consider. Whether you’re interested in learning Mandarin as a part of the school, as a part of your future career, or as a hobby for personal enrichment, learning Chinese is a great way to broaden your horizon, build your vocabulary and get access to a world of knowledge. And studying Chinese in Singapore is also a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and improve your fluency. There are a lot of language schools in Singapore, but not all of them will be able to satisfy your needs. If you’re looking to learn Chinese, here’s a list of places to get Chinese tuition in Singapore.

Family Tutor

When you’re looking to learn Chinese in a more personalized, one-on-one environment, then Family Tutor is the best place to get Chinese tuition in Singapore. Family Tutor offers a unique way of learning Chinese. You get the opportunity to learn Chinese from an experienced Chinese-speaking tutor. This means that you’re learning from a native Chinese speaker who knows the language and can teach you how it is spoken. You don’t have to sit through boring grammar lessons or vocabulary lists; you get to practice real-life situations and activities and progress right with your tutor. You can practice listening and speaking, reading and writing as well. And you get to do it in a personalized way to your needs.

Singapore Chinese School

You’re lucky if you’ve always wanted to learn Chinese in Singapore. Singapore Chinese Schools (SGS) are known for their rigorous intake processes and impressive track records. And when you’re studying at a Singaporean SGS, you’re looking under the same guidelines and rules that govern the Singapore education system. You’ll have a lot of exposure to Singaporean culture, and your teachers and classmates will be Singaporean. You’ll have to pass the Singapore English Proficiency Test (SPE) before you’re allowed to register for classes. Still, once you’re there, you’ll have access to many support services, including extracurricular activities, field trips, and internships.

Pure Chinese School

If you’re looking for a ‘traditional’ school-like environment but still want your Chinese language education to be rooted in Singaporean culture, the Pure Chinese School is your place. The Pure Chinese School is one of the oldest and most reputable places for Chinese tuition in Singapore. And the strict rules, discipline, and etiquette that it’s known for are still intact. The Pure Chinese School is known for its ‘3 pillars’ of success – traditional learning, modern learning, and service-learning. But your studies will be rooted in Singapore, and you’ll learn a lot about the Singapore education system, culture, and society.

Chinese Learning Center

The game’s name at the Chinese Learning Center is ‘instant gratification.’ The Chinese Learning Center is very flexible. You can choose to learn in their state-of-the-art learning facility or take classes at home. It’s a hybrid school/home learning model, and it’s very popular with Singaporeans. You’ll have access to many support services, including a 24/7 learning helpline, student services, and a career development center. You’ll be able to pick from various lessons and programs, including complete immersion programs, bilingual programs, and conversational classes.

Singapore Chinese Primary School

The Singapore Chinese Primary School has been a primary school for almost 100 years. It’s also known for its excellent track record and is one of the best places to get Chinese tuition in Singapore. The Singapore Chinese Primary School is located at Kim Keat Road and serves students from 3 to 6. You’ll have access to many support services, including extracurricular activities, field trips, language clubs, and sports. And, if you’re interested in the Singapore education system, you’ll get a lot of exposure to it.

Chinese Language Institute

The Chinese Language Institute is a private school known for its excellence in education. The curriculum at the Chinese Language Institute is very flexible, and they’re known for having a progressive approach to language education. The institute also offers an American curriculum. You’ll have access to many support services, including a student counseling center, a career development center, and field trip schedules.


At this point, you might be wondering why you need to learn Chinese. The truth is that there will always be a demand for it. And with the rise of China and its geopolitical importance, you can be sure that there will be an even higher demand for it in the future. Additionally, China and the Chinese are extensive in terms of topics. You’ll have access to a lot of knowledge and wisdom that you’ll be able to apply to any given situation. Chinese is also one of the oldest languages, and you’ll learn about a lot of history that you can use in your own life!

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