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Stamford translation, language and communication, offers remote interpreting services for conferences and other events in different languages 


In a large number of Asian and other countries, most citizens are not multilingual, they are not proficient in foreign languages. However for business and other reasons, citizens may have to deal with people from other countries. Though there are many online translation tools and software, it is not usually very accurate , there is always a possibility of a mistake leading to misunderstandings and financial losses. Hence for important deals and discussions, most businesses and other organizations prefer to use the services of a competent interpreter who is proficient in both the languages and will not make any mistake.


Remote services

A decade ago, most people would meet personally for important discussions or meetings. However with advances in technology it is possible to save both time and money, using video conferencing and similar tools to interact with people from different organizations or countries. However, if the people meeting virtually do not speak the same language, it is difficult to communicate. Hence Stamford translation is offering remote interpreting services for all kinds of organizations, so that they communicate clearly with their business associates or others without any kind of misunderstanding. 



Our experienced and well trained interpreters are proficient in all the major languages in Asia, Europe and elsewhere. Some of the languages for which we provide translation and interpretation services are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese. We realize that accuracy is very important for remote interpretation, so we have well trained and highly rated interpreters providing the services. Organizations should specify the languages they require interpretation for , so that we can make suitable arrangements



Unlike conventional interpretation when the interpreter and the people communicating are in the same room, for remote interpreting it is also important that the interpreter is well trained in the tools and software which are being used. We ensure that our staff is familiar will the tools and equipment required for remote interpretation so that the translated text is clearly audible. We have a provision for translation into multiple languages on demand, if people understanding different languages are attending the event. We can also provide consecutive remote translation. We also offer equipment rentals for the event based on technical review of the event requirements, like number of people involved. 


Promotional offer

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions on international travel have greatly increased, and more people are interacting with their business associates and others remotely. Many events, conferences and seminars are also being held remotely. This has increased the demand for remote interpreting. We offer free evaluation of the requirement for remote interpretation for the event, whether it will be feasible and also the type of services which will be most appropriate. We can also suggest the right software and tools for the event, so that people can communicate clearly in the different languages. The client can review our offer to choose suitable services for the event. 

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