Working as a part time tuition teacher in Singapore

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While other professions may provide higher income, many people prefer to work as a teacher since teachers are respected worldwide for their contribution to society. While everyone may not have the time or inclination to work full time in a school or college, they can definitely work as a part time tuition teacher to supplement their income. Additionally the tutor will get an opportunity to interact with students in Singapore, use the latest educational tools and improve their teaching skills. Some information which will help to a person become a part time tutor are listed below.



The first step in working as tutor part time or full time is registering online at the tutor portal like Champion Tutors . For this the tutor will have to create his profile, which will include his name, address, phone number, email, his qualifications, language skills and experience if any. Tutors are also encouraged to upload copies of their certifications, so that parents are convinced of their genuineness. Registration at Champion tutors is free, though the tutor will have to pay half his fees for the first billing cycle to the portal for their services.


Finding jobs 

After registering the user can browse through the large number of jobs posted by the parents / guardians of the child. Each job posted has a unique id to identify it. For each job, usually the parent will specify the subject and the level of tutoring which is required, since the qualification and experience required will differ. For some tutoring jobs, the tutor should be familiar with the international baccalaureate curriculum, while in other cases, the student may be studying in junior college, secondary or primary school. In a few cases, the tutor should be able to teach multiple subjects to the student.


If the student is a girl or very young, parents may not be comfortable letting their child spend time with a male tutor. In these cases, the parent can specify the gender of the tutor, they require a female tutor only. Usually most people have the best language skills in their mother tongue, so in some cases, the parent posting the job can also specify the race of the tutor. It is observed that there are fewer job applicants when the race and gender of the tutor are specified. The number of applicants for each job is also displayed with each job listing so that the tutor can decide whether he also wishes to apply.


Applying for jobs

Usually the parents will specify the number of hours weekly for which the tutor’s service is required, and how much he is willing to pay the tutor. Many parents want a tutor who will visit their home and teach their child, so the location of the home is also specified with the job listing. The parents can review the resume of the tutors applying for the job and then choose a suitable tutor, who will then be alerted using email or sms. Depending on other professional and personal commitments, the tutors can choose suitable assignments. 

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